Character Creation

Updating this page for character conversion to 5th edition and possibly some new characters. This means the essence of your character will remain the same but there will be significant changes to fit with 5e.

Use the standard point buy from the PHB and just pick all new stats with the following house rules for this campaign (which is weird):

You get +1 to any stat that does not already have a racial bonus. Non-variant humans are the exception. They can put it anywhere but charisma.

You get +2 to charisma. However, if you already get a charisma bonus from your race, the excess must be placed elsewhere. It cannot be placed somewhere such that it would put you beyond +2 in one stat.

In essence, everyone will be exceptional but no one should have more than +2 to any one stat. Hence, no one will have higher than a 17 in any stat at 1st level. You may have had an opportunity to raise a stat since then according to your class features at certain levels.

Not Allowed
Warlocks — Now you know why. Everyone in this game is multi-classed and a warlock due to world events and your progression in this class is essentially beyond your control.
Psionics — This shouldn’t be an issue anyway because psionics haven’t been implemented for 5e (yet?).

You will retain whatever levels you had in classes other than warlock as of the end of the last game. You will be 2nd level warlocks and can choose your class features and spells known accordingly. You also retain any of the physical mutations you gained from using your warlock powers.

Equipment & Money
Existing characters will have the same gear and money as of the end of the last game. I will do conversions of any magic items into 5th edition. This is going to mean you’re all fairly wealthy by 5e standards, but I don’t want to mess with continuity too much so enjoy it… while it lasts.

I’ll figure out how much money new characters have based on the average and I’ll figure out any magic items you may have happened across in your secret adventures to now.

Character Creation

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