The Gods

Pelorus (LG) {Replaces Pelor from PHB}

The predominant religion amongst the civilized areas of humankind is the worship of Pelorus, the sun god. He is often referred to as “The God of gods”. His worshipers are tasked with wiping out the scourge of evil everywhere, with restoring truth and order, and with spreading the message of his glory. A number of his temples were once temples to either Gruumsh or other “lesser” gods. The temples of good (and not particularly chaotic) gods are often expanded into temples that honor both gods. In these, Pelorus is prominent while an altar to the lesser god often remains alongside Pelorus for tributes.
Domains: Glory, Law, Nobility, Sun, and War

Gruumsh (CE) {Replaces Gruumsh from PHB}

Stories and imagery of Gruumsh are widespread as he is feared and said to be worshiped by the evil creatures of the world in some form or another. The underworld is his realm, and he is particularly associated with underground-dwelling creatures such as orcs, goblins, and other evil demi-humans as well as devils and demons. He is said to go by many names and to take many forms.
Domains: Earth, Evil, Strength, and War

Paxar Mensax (NN)

Paxar is a depicted as a thin, plain woman wearing a cloak of fine feathers reminiscent of a hummingbird which is also her holy symbol and token animal. Her clerics use hummingbirds for the Animal Messenger spell. She’s a fairly obscure deity with few temples and followers and even fewer clerics. What temples she has are often small buildings or even temporary structures in the wilderness or in rural communities. Some of her worshipers are druids.
Domains: Animal, Mind, Travel, and Weather

Other “Lesser” gods

There are many including those from the PHB as well as some more obscure ones.

The Gods

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