The Howling Cliffs

Game 28: Stealing from thieves
Unauthorized thievery!

Our heroes left the basilisk behind and stumbled into what they believe to be a thieves hide-out. They were ambused. Grue showed up rather unexpectedly and said “this isn’t actually happened. Pay attention!” Then he drew an impressive-looking dagger that grabbed everyone’s attention.

The gnome in a jester’s outfit had just been revealed after turning invisible. He shouted “Release the beast” and a gate opened. The rest remains to be revealed in next week’s game.

Game 27: Tale of a Cat's Eye
Battle a little less basilisk

Our heroes managed to rescue Juvens from almost certain death, but in trade for what alternate fate? He’s been whisked away by a powerful magical creature who goes by the name Cat’s Eye. They soon learn that she appears to exist in the form of a shimmering gem and seems to need a body in order to interact with others, a body which she alters to suit her whims at any moment.

In his place, she left the party with a new potential member who they have been reasonably welcoming of so far—a paladin named Narvi. He seemed to take particular interest in the strange crystal ball that the party has been blessed (burdened?) with from the start and claims it’s desperately needed to save the world from certain destruction.

They had almost explored the entirety of the tunnels when they happened upon a basilisk. No one in the party was unfortunate enough to directly meet its gaze so they remain soft, fleshy beings for now.

Everyone should go ahead and level their characters to 6. You won’t actually have new spells or new abilities until you rest, but BAB, skills, etc. will all go up as of the start of the next game.

Game 26: Tales intertwined
Screw you guys. I'm going home.

A few more vermin and skeletons later, the rat king (a giant ball of rats connected by their tails) seemed to be worried for its continued existence and offered up a bribe to save its skin. The party decided they were done with the smelly under-tunnels and returned to the tunnels a level up. They found a gated room with a little treasure and crashed there for the night only to wake with a bunch of zombies knocking at the door.

Game 25: Voices in the Dark
Did you hear that?

A bestial scream was heard by all except Podias. Juvens couldn’t restrain himself from releasing a blood-curdling scream himself in response. The beast approaches. Meanwhile Podias was hearing voices that no one else could hear.

Our heroes discovered a room where people were being slowly nibbled on. On the wall was scratched “Let them fester.” They discovered a room full of stirges. They discovered a breeding area protected by some cave fishers. The breeding room had many young, sometimes infant, ratfolk, wererats, as well as young adult females.

Game 24: Vermin Supreme
"I think we found the anus of the dungeon"

Our heroes took a hit from a spell cast by their summoner that only hurts good and neutral characters. They defeated the “enemy” and were released by their summoner back to their point of origin. The wraith immediately attacked them again. Podias kept himself safe with a hide from undead spell and Anna had just tracked down the rest of the party.

They discovered a rough tunnel that descended down into a larger network of caverns from which emitted quite a stench of death and fecal matter. There were rats with eyes that glowed yellow who scurried away at their arrival. They found a piece of “artwork”—a roughly spherical construct of bones and sticks with dead rats speared onto the ends. At the base was a sign in Common that said (roughly) “All hail the rat king”.

They started building a wall of poo so they could set fire to it when two wererats showed up. Their eyes glowed like the rats and they seemed to be in a sort of trance. They said “Be one with us. Share the gift,” and attacked. Podias was bitten but no one seemed seriously harmed.

Game 23: Evil is a foot
Dearly departed, we scatter here today...

Body parts have been found scattered about a certain neighborhood on the West side of Chesswick. It’s drawing the attention of law enforcement and probably the church of Pelorus. So our heroes sought refuge in some underground tunnels per the suggestion of a friend of Bey’s, a gnome bard by the name of Gnimbus. The body parts seem to follow a rough circular outline and our heroes decided to try to find what’s at the center of that circle.

In the middle of fighting a wraith, the party was forcefully teleported to some other plane much like the material plane but somewhere else. Once there, they felt compelled to fight for a hideous monstrous humanoid. It had a gaping maw on the front of its face with fangs all around, eyes all over the rest of its head and neck, and long tentacle arms that ended with seven-fingered clawed hands. We ended with them in the middle of a fight with two half-celestial humanoids and some sort of angelic being.

Game 22: A real Podias in the butt
Don't feed it! Now it's following us home!

The party made it out of the drow dungeon alive, dispatched an unneeded zombie minion. On the way back to town, they met up with another character remembered from their shared vision, a strange little halfling who claims to be on a very important quest on behalf of the goddess Desna herself, there and in the flesh. He seemed to confirm that there was something real about what they’d seen and the importance of that scepter stands out to them.

Game 21: Deep down in drider town
To see but not to be

A secret tunnel was revealed and the only other way out blocked off. The party encountered driders and was overwhelmed and taken captive. They got a glimpse of the dark workings of the drow. Non-drow humanoids were lined up in preparation for becoming slaves, including our heroes. Drow who failed some test were given a potion to keep them alive as they were cut in half just below the waistline in a guillotine. They’re severed torsos were then melded with giant spiders to form new driders.

Our heroes had a sense that their only hope was a scepter being held by the leader. They made a dash for it. Arrows flew. Swords slashed. Some members were cut down. But in the chaos that ensued, time seemed to slow down and Cregga, barely alive, managed graced the scepter with a fingertip and everyone snapped awake back in the room from before they opened the tunnel.

How lame. It was all a dream, a vision? It felt so real though, and the party seemed to think something about it was, so they chose to avoid opening the chest that triggered the opening of the secret tunnel and left the way they came in.

Everyone level up before the next game.

Game 20: The Drow High Priestess
To free or not to free?

Only one of the four drow concubines they encountered seemed free of Stockholm Syndrome and actually seemed eager to go free. The heroes defeated the high priestess and her cohorts in the main worship hall. They found a key on her that opens a locked door at the back of the room which they haven’t explored yet.

Juvens got the idea to try using the crystal ball on the slaves who had been maimed since it has demonstrated rejuvenative properties before on Sashal.

Items found amongst the bodies: (bold means magical)

Cloak of Resistance +1
Mithril Shirt
Potion of Blur
Chainmail x2
Masterwork Chainmail
Hand crossbow x5
Masterwork Rapier x2
Rapier x5
Dagger x2
Wand of Ray of Clumsiness CL 1, 38 charges
Oil of Magic Weapon x2
Ring of Infertility x2

Game 19: Deep into the bowels (cont.)

Our heroes discovered the female quarters and a few male drow slave concubines. At the end of the game, they still needed to search the bodies and the room.


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