The Howling Cliffs

Game 19: Deep into the bowels (cont.)

Our heroes discovered the female quarters and a few male drow slave concubines. At the end of the game, they still needed to search the bodies and the room.

Game 18: Deep into the bowels of the drow lair
Drow hearts and screaming mushrooms

They had a fight in a long, thin corridor. Juvens is ripping out drow hearts. They found the restrooms and a mushroom cave.

Game 17: Found the drow hideout
Switched to Patfinder rules

First we worked up everyone’s classes for Pathfinder. Folks seemed reasonably happy. The witch aspect of the game now means people can choose either least invocations as a warlock or witch hexes via progression on the witch level advancement chart.

Bey had a dream where she was being attacked by a deformed goblin with nothing but tentacles for the top half of its head. She defeated it and woke with her hands around Anna’s throat.

The party found a farm being worked by slaves. A drow in a white cloak stood watch outside the small farm house. There was a trap door inside that opened to a stairway. They entered and found spiders that ignore people in white cloaks. Then they fought some drow in a room beyond.

Game 16: The ghost town of Wintford
Hello? Is anybody home?

x.p. 1800 (including Cregga—the others already applied it)

The party (minus Cregga) explored the town of Wintford, killed (temporarily?) several ghosts, and looted what little remained to be looted. The town seems to have been raided by orcs a long time ago.

When they got back to town, some guards stopped them and a guy used a wand on them that was supposed to detect witches. Juvens believed it to be a detect chaos wand based on his spellcraft. The guy using it seemed perplexed saying that just about everyone showed a little bit of chaos and he was getting nothing, but he seemed content that they weren’t witches and they moved on. Juvens felt warmth coming from the crystal ball at the time.

Meta: Everyone seems amenable to switching over to Pathfinder rules. Ben and I are willing to do the conversions. We just need access to folks’ character sheets.

Game 15: Grave-robbing for fun & profit
They don't need that stuph anymore

X.P. for this game = 1800 including Juvens.

Cregga and Anna met back up with the others in the chapel basement but Juvens got nauseous from the rotting body smell and had to go out and get some air. There were a couple of intelligent undead humans several floors down underneath the chapel. They killed one and the other surrendered and handed over some treasure he had gathered in a corner. They grilled him and gathered that the dead were waking up for no apparent reason. Some were mindless. Others remembered their lives. He and his partner had been trying to dig people up and save them from the terror of waking up buried or locked in crypts.

The party went back to town and bumped into the lady that bought the troll hands from them back in Chesswick. She offered them a bulk discount on identifying some items but they decided they had enough party treasure for Anna to go ahead and make an Artificer’s Monocle which they used to identify many items. The crystal ball, however, flashed brightly enough through the monocle to dazzle her briefly and the monocle stopped working at all for several minutes.

The party, without Juvens who still felt sick, went around breaking into mausoleums and looting the dead. They found a sewer entrance and fought a wight. Then they followed it into a town called Wintford and were attacked by an overzealous guard who turned out to be a ghost.

Game 14: We must be getting closer
They're like cockroaches. If you see one...

Creyga, Bey, and Anna each need to kick off the game with a Fortitude save, DC 12.

We’ll start back right where we left off, still in the cemetery.

To the left of the battle are three stone tombs in the side of the hills, one of which has the door cracked open.

Cregga and Anna went exploring for a bit feeling it was pretty safe at that point. While they were gone, Juvens and Bey met a man named Jacob who was once a town guard in Winterhaven.

Bey read his thoughts:
He had memories of waking up buried alive and digging out some before some zombie-like creatures helped dig him up. He had been wandering around the graveyard eating from the corpses and feeling horrible about it.

Jacob stayed with them a little while and they investigated the chapel. He proved very helpful in fighting off some zombies that took a head-shot to die.

Game 13: The other Bink is a drow
Any hope for a dry adventure in this town?

The party tracked the Bink look-alike West out of town with the help of Anna’s sniffy dog, Sylvia. He cast darkness and then tried to lose them in a cemetery but they caught up to him only to get intercepted by a pack of ghouls and ghasts. They showed no interest in “Bink” for some unknown reason.

When they’d almost defeated all the undead, “Bink” appeared out of nowhere stabbing Creyga. Apparently he’d become invisible. He was duel-wielding masterwork rapiers. He also cast a couple of spells. He was eventually defeated along with the remainder of the undead.

The human was actually a drow using a magic necklace/choker to transform into a specific human. Bey was able to figure it out. She got the sense the choker may have some other ability as well but hasn’t triggered it. The necklace seems to transform or store whatever the user is wearing and carrying along with the change in form.

X.P. = 1850 each, including Juvens

38 gp
8 sp
leather armor (on his drow form)
Elven Chain with abjuration aura (on his human form)
A gold and silver broach/clasp shaped like a skull with necromantic and abjuration auras (on his human form)
2 masterwork rapiers (on his human form)
A heavy weather dark gray cloak (on his human form)
A lighter white cloak (on his drow form)

A choker/necklace with transmutation aura: So far, Bey has figured out that the choker allows the wearer to assume a specific human male form (Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10). It stores up to 33 lbs of items (<= 4 cu ft) that are on your person when you shift, switching it out for whatever is currently stored with the alternate form. She can sense that it has some other power not yet attempted. Switching is an act of will that uses a standard action.

Game 12: Fancy meeting you here.
Where are the freakin' dungeons?

Our heroes just happen to meet back up with the druid Anna who tried her hand at being a loner in the woods for a while. She clearly survived but apparently decided she’d be a little better off with some friends that might have her back. After witnessing the tail end of their surprise attack in the city of Chesswick, she approached and they got an Inn room.

The next morning they headed up the North road toward Winterhaven, an area they’d heard was plagued with underground-dwelling creatures, so possibly dungeons. Halfway there, they started to set up camp and got ambushed by more half-goblin, half-wolf thingies with some weird magical powers. When it appeared the party might have the upper hand, a well-bred large and familiar dog appeared out of thin air and assisted them until all the creatures had been dispatched and then immediately vanished. The goblin-thingies apparently like to eat people and they take really large bites because they found human parts with some clothing and possessions still intact inside their distended bellies. Realizing this meant treasure, they pushed the disgusting guts through a huge sieve until nothing but shiny things were left (slight exaggeration).

They were stopped briefly by four guards at the edge of the town who warned them of a curfew and told them about a traveler’s inn nearby, the Grumpy Goblin, where they’d stayed the night in a ghettoesque but well-secured room.

They saw Bink, or his identical twin, wearing chain mail and selling something to a merchant. He was not being his usually bubbly and sociable self and insisted he was in a hurry when they tried to talk to him.

The next morning, they awoke to a bitter cold torrential downpour that went on for six hours before lightening up. About then, a now heavily cloaked and still chain mail-clad Bink showed up again dragging a wheeled crate, leaving our heroes wondering—what the heck kind of business does an alleged Wizard(Diviner) have in Winterhaven… in chain mail and why is he suddenly such a sourpuss?

X.P. 1800 each, including Bey, who was engaged in some mysterious adventures of her own elsewhere that probably involved charming people with her wiles and getting them to buy her free drinks and dinners. Will she tell the tale?

Some items found
9. Ring
10. Amber gem
11. Oil (magical)
12. Earrings
13. A few Citrines
14. Oil (magical)
15. 3 bones taken from the creatures radiate faint magic
*Some coinage that Ben noted

Game 11: My Precious
What has it gots in its filthy pocketsez?!

Our heroes emerge from the troll’s cave to find themselves surrounded by deformed, mangy wolves and a goblin. The goblin tells them they’re in his territory and demands they leave. He has taken Rhys hostage and promises to release him once the group has left their territory. The goblin has somehow taken control of the three skeletons that Rhys commanded earlier.

Once they’re back in town, they find out that Rhys was released as promised. Juvens searches for a cartographer and buys a map of the region. Bey, Cregga, and Sashal check the buzz in some local taverns to find out about possible dungeons in the area. They hear that underground-based humanoids are a little more common to the North in Winterhaven. They also meet a charming gnome bard/warlock who seems to fancy Bey.

As they’re preparing and gathering supplies for their trip to Winterhaven, they’re intercepted in town by a creature that seems to be made of darkness with glowing red lights for eyes. At the same time, Sashal is attacked by a homonculus. The dark, ghostly creature drains strength from it’s victims and then retreats into the ground. They managed to hurt these creatures enough to drive them away when Sashal is hit by a crossbow bolt from what seems like a deformed goblin-sized creatures emmersed in darkness. Sashal seems panicky and disappears in a flash of white light, leaving his clothes and possessions in a pile. The creature who shot him disappears (probably turning invisible) and they lose track of it. When they search Sashal’s possessions they find several of the minor magic items that were in William’s grandfather’s apartment back on the Isle of Manos as well as a crystal ball that seems to hold inside it the naked form of Sashal and glows faintly with a white light.

Game 10: Me and my shadow
Trolled LOL

Sashal showed back up and discreetly contacted Bey to tell her he thinks he’s being followed. He described things like some kind of giant bat and glowing eyes in the dark shadows. He has been laying low. Our heroes convince him to come with them on a quest to find ogre or troll hands as there is a reward posted.

The group is followed out of town as they travel North to investigate possible giant humanoid sightings. They set up an ambush and kill all but one of their followers. The one woman who remains tells them they were hired by a creepy half-orc woman who wants something that Sashal has. They were to bring back all his items and meet her in a particular tavern in town.

Continuing on, our heroes asked around at various farms until they found one where the farmers claimed to have had their animals raided at night by something large and pointed them in the right direction. While looking for a cave, they saw a mangy wolf-like creature similar to those that ambushed them on their way back to Chesswick from Uverston. The thing just seemed to be watching them for now and did not attack.

They finally found a stinky cave with three skeletons in it. Rhys rebuked the skeletons and they fell under his control before a troll charged from the back of the cave. It dished out a lot of damage but they finally conquered it and removed it’s forearms to sell back to Tamya, a plump and jovial woman who works a magic shop in Chesswick. She offered them 300 g.p for a set of ogre or troll hands.

We end this adventure in the cave where our heroes have stomached the smell a little longer to search for treasure.


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