The Howling Cliffs

Game 29: Do Over

Is this real life?

In the middle of battle with some members of the Chesswick thieves guild, an old acquaintance of our heroes suddenly shows up to announce that everything that’s happening is just an elaborate vision made possible by the crystal ball which is actually a key fragment of a relic—the Staff of Law. He explains how crucial it is that they finish assembling it to stop the great beast that’s awakening and will consume the world in pure chaos and destruction. With his help, they quickly subdue the trickster gnome and find out what they need to overcome his (pet?) basilisk and his traps. Then they touch the dagger weilded by Grue, another fragment of the staff, and awaken a few minutes earlier with the opportunity to do it all over again, this time with an incredible efficiency. They used the orb on Podias hoping to cure him of any potential lycanthropy infection. It drew his body into it and seemed to be doing something. The next morning, they discovered a magic chamber pot that teleports any small item inside it 100 feet in a random direction. It was the logical source of the scattered body parts.



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