The Howling Cliffs

Game 27: Tale of a Cat's Eye

Battle a little less basilisk

Our heroes managed to rescue Juvens from almost certain death, but in trade for what alternate fate? He’s been whisked away by a powerful magical creature who goes by the name Cat’s Eye. They soon learn that she appears to exist in the form of a shimmering gem and seems to need a body in order to interact with others, a body which she alters to suit her whims at any moment.

In his place, she left the party with a new potential member who they have been reasonably welcoming of so far—a paladin named Narvi. He seemed to take particular interest in the strange crystal ball that the party has been blessed (burdened?) with from the start and claims it’s desperately needed to save the world from certain destruction.

They had almost explored the entirety of the tunnels when they happened upon a basilisk. No one in the party was unfortunate enough to directly meet its gaze so they remain soft, fleshy beings for now.

Everyone should go ahead and level their characters to 6. You won’t actually have new spells or new abilities until you rest, but BAB, skills, etc. will all go up as of the start of the next game.



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