The Howling Cliffs

Game 35: Whispers in my head
Are they real or am I mad? Which is worse?
Game 34: Into the Underdark
How now brown drow?

After a brutal battle with some elite drow fighters, our adventurers managed to capture one alive. They discover he’s part of a watch but their shift hasn’t ended because their replacements haven’t shown up for days to relieve them. He fears something is up with the drow back home.

The crystal ball portion of the Staff of Law senses a new piece near and begins to guide them deeper and deeper.

Game 33: The adventure continues in a slightly altered dimension
Winter is coming!

Our adventurers meet a gnome wild mage and discover they have something in common—the madness that mutates their powers and bodies. He has a pet mechanical squirrel that issues a warning—“Winter is coming!”

Game 32: The Tick Queen
"I'm so hungry, I could suck an owlbear dry!"

Our heroes fought off the very emaciated guards who had been transformed by the strange affliction and then cleared the rest of the town, ending at the barn. They wanted to just burn down the barn and destroy whatever horrific beasts and endgame loot were inside but a giant bloated woman coaxed them in with some sort of area charm effect.

The barn was littered with dessicated bodies. What loot lies amongst them?

Stay tuned for the next episode.

Game 31: Attack of the tick people!
Do I have lyme disease now?

Narvi had a dream that seemed prophetic. Something nasty was spreading in a village near Winterhaven. They find out from Bink that the village of Foggy Bottom requested help and small troop of guards went there with some food stores and never returned.

As our heroes approach the town, they hear female voices calling for help from opposite directions. They get attacked by what they describe as tick people who suck blood and kill one only to discover another who has drained Podias’ mule, Henrietta. They kill her also.

Game 30: Window Shopping
Capitalism transcends racial differences

The party does some overdue inventory upkeep in Chesswick.

They meet one of the merchants of Warbler’s Goods and Services.

They soundly defeat an angry hill giant.

Bey recalls something about the orb from her bardic lore. Besides seeing into the future, it is said to be able to see into the past and help one recall information and memories lost.

Game 29: Do Over
Is this real life?

In the middle of battle with some members of the Chesswick thieves guild, an old acquaintance of our heroes suddenly shows up to announce that everything that’s happening is just an elaborate vision made possible by the crystal ball which is actually a key fragment of a relic—the Staff of Law. He explains how crucial it is that they finish assembling it to stop the great beast that’s awakening and will consume the world in pure chaos and destruction. With his help, they quickly subdue the trickster gnome and find out what they need to overcome his (pet?) basilisk and his traps. Then they touch the dagger weilded by Grue, another fragment of the staff, and awaken a few minutes earlier with the opportunity to do it all over again, this time with an incredible efficiency. They used the orb on Podias hoping to cure him of any potential lycanthropy infection. It drew his body into it and seemed to be doing something. The next morning, they discovered a magic chamber pot that teleports any small item inside it 100 feet in a random direction. It was the logical source of the scattered body parts.

Game 28: Stealing from thieves
Unauthorized thievery!

Our heroes left the basilisk behind and stumbled into what they believe to be a thieves hide-out. They were ambused. Grue showed up rather unexpectedly and said “this isn’t actually happened. Pay attention!” Then he drew an impressive-looking dagger that grabbed everyone’s attention.

The gnome in a jester’s outfit had just been revealed after turning invisible. He shouted “Release the beast” and a gate opened. The rest remains to be revealed in next week’s game.

Game 27: Tale of a Cat's Eye
Battle a little less basilisk

Our heroes managed to rescue Juvens from almost certain death, but in trade for what alternate fate? He’s been whisked away by a powerful magical creature who goes by the name Cat’s Eye. They soon learn that she appears to exist in the form of a shimmering gem and seems to need a body in order to interact with others, a body which she alters to suit her whims at any moment.

In his place, she left the party with a new potential member who they have been reasonably welcoming of so far—a paladin named Narvi. He seemed to take particular interest in the strange crystal ball that the party has been blessed (burdened?) with from the start and claims it’s desperately needed to save the world from certain destruction.

They had almost explored the entirety of the tunnels when they happened upon a basilisk. No one in the party was unfortunate enough to directly meet its gaze so they remain soft, fleshy beings for now.

Everyone should go ahead and level their characters to 6. You won’t actually have new spells or new abilities until you rest, but BAB, skills, etc. will all go up as of the start of the next game.

Game 26: Tales intertwined
Screw you guys. I'm going home.

A few more vermin and skeletons later, the rat king (a giant ball of rats connected by their tails) seemed to be worried for its continued existence and offered up a bribe to save its skin. The party decided they were done with the smelly under-tunnels and returned to the tunnels a level up. They found a gated room with a little treasure and crashed there for the night only to wake with a bunch of zombies knocking at the door.


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